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1. How do I get a pothole repaired?
2. How do I get a dead animal removed?
3. How do I get a live animal removed?
4. What are the required procedures to have an on-site sewage facility installed and inspected?
5. City Public Service says I need an electrical release; how do I get one?
6. My neighbor has high weeds/junk cars/refuge on his property; what can I do?
7. I understand the County has foreclosed property for sale, how can I purchase this property?
8. I want to have a 4-way stop installed at an intersection, how do I request this?
9. Cars are disobeying the posted speed limits in my neighborhood, what can I do?
10. What are the specifications and procedures for installing a driveway?
11. What are the procedures for developing and platting land in Bexar County?
12. How can I find out if my house is in the flood plain?
13. How can I reserve facilities in County parks?
14. How can I purchase a monthly pass for the Bexar County Parking Garage?
15. What County permits do I need to construct on my property?
16. What is my property zoned for?
17. What is the Federal Storm Water Fee?

Bexar County Public Works Department
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